Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Alpana Ray
Research Professor

  • MS, University of Calcutta
  • PhD, University of Calcutta

Building Address: 126 Connaway Hall
Phone Number: 573-882-6728

Research Emphasis: Inflammation is an organism’s protective mechanism to cope with the altered cellular environment, trauma, injury and/or infection. While acute inflammation (which is resolved quickly) has many beneficial effects, chronic inflammation is a serious problem and leads to many pathophysiological conditions. Major focus of my research has been the elucidation of the molecular events associated with amyloidosis, arthritis, atherosclerosis and cancer, all of which are results of abnormal gene expression during persistent and chronic inflammation. 

Selected Publications:

Ray, B.K., Dhar, S., Shakya, A., Ray, A. (2011) Z-DNA-forming silencer in the first exon regulates human ADAM-12 gene expression. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.  108: 103-108

Ray, A., Dhar, S., Ray, B. K. (2011) Control of VEGF expression in triple negative breast carcinoma cells by suppression of SAF-1 transcription factor activity.  Mol. Cancer Res. 9: 1030-1041

Ray, B.K., Dhar, S., Ray, A. (2010) TGF-b1 mediated activation of  NF-kB contributes to enhanced ADAM-12 expression in mammary carcinoma cells. Mol. Cancer Res. 8: 126-1-1270

Mukhopadhyay, S., Mukherjee, S., Ray, B.K., Ray, A., Stone, W.L., Das, S.K. (2010) Antioxidant liposomes protect against CEES-Induced Lung Injury by decreasing SAF-1/MAZ-mediated inflammation in the guinea pig lung. J. Biochem. Mol.Toxicol. 24: 187-194

Kumar, D., Ray, A., Ray, B.K. (2009) Transcriptional synergy mediated by SAF-1 and AP-1: critical role   of N-terminal polyalanine and two zinc finger domains of SAF-1.  J. Biol. Chem. 284: 1853-1862

Ray, A., Dhar, S., Shakya, A., Ray, P., Okada, Y., Ray, B.K. (2009) SAF-3, a novel variant of the SAF-1/MAZ/Pur-1 family, is expressed during inflammation.  FEBS. J. 276: 4276-4286

Ray, A., Ray, B.K. (2008) An inflammation-responsive transcription factor in the pathophysiology of osteoarthritis. Biorheology 45: 399-409

Kovacevic, A., Hammer, A., Stadelmeyer, E., Windischhofer, W., Sundl, M., Ray, A., Schweighofer, N., Friedl, G., Windhager, R., Sattler, W., and malle, E. (2008) Expression of Serum amyloid A transcripts in human bone tissues, differentiated osteoblast-like stem cells aand human osteosarcome cell lines. J. Cell. Biochem. 103: 994-1004

Ray, B. K.., Shakya, A., Ray, A. (2007) VEGF expression in arthritic joint is regulated by SAF-1 transcription factor.  J. Immunol. , 178: 1774-1782

Ray, A., Shakya, A., Kumar, D., Benson, M.D., Ray, B.K. (2006) Inflammation-responsive transcription factor SAF-1 activity is linked to the development of AA amyloidosis. J. Immunol 177: 2601-2609

Kovacevic, A., Hammer, A., Sundl, M., Pfister, B., Hrzenjak, A., Ray, A., Ray, B.K., Sattler, W., Malle, E. (2006) Expression of serum amyloid A transcripts in human trophoblast and fetal-derived trophoblast-like choriocarcinoma cells. FEBS Lett. 580: 161-167

Ray, A., Bal, B.S., Ray, B.K. (2005) Transcriptional induction of MMP-9 in the chondrocyte and synoviocyte cells is regulated via a novel mechanism: evidence for functional cooperation between SAF-1 and AP-1.  J. Immunol. 175: 4039-4048

Ray, A., Shakya, A., Ray, B.K. (2005) Inflammation Responsive Transcription Factors SAF-1 and c-Jun/c-Fos promote canine MMP-1 gene expression. Biochim. Biophys. Acta  1732: 53-61

Ray, A., Shakya, A., Kumar, D., Ray, B.K. (2004) Over-expression of SAF-1 inhibits cell proliferation by the induction of cyclin-dependent protein kinase inhibitor p21 expression. J. Immunol. 172: 5006-5015

Ray, A., Kumar, D., Shakya, A., Brown, C.R. Cook, J.L., Ray, B.K. (2004) SAF-1 transgenic mice are prone to develop severe form of inflammation-induced arthritis. J. Immunol. 173: 4684-4691

Ray, A., Kumar, D., Ray, P., Ray, B.K. (2004) Transcriptional activity of SAF-1 is regulated by distinct functional modules. J. Biol. Chem. 279: 54637-54646

Ray, B.K., Shakya, A., Turk, J.R., Apte, S.S., Ray, A. (2004) Induction of the MMP-14 gene in macrophages of the atherosclerotic plaque:  Role of SAF-1 in the induction process. Circ. Res. 95: 1082-1090


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