Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Charles E. Wiedmeyer
Associate Professor

  • DVM, University of Illinois
  • PhD, University of Illinois
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Building Address:  900 E. Campus Dr, A345 Clydesdale Hall
Phone Number: 573-882-0052

Research Emphasis: Clinical pathology of laboratory animals, biomarker development

VPBIO 6647, Senior Clinical Pathology Rotation.  4th year Veterinary Students
VPBIO 5578, Veterinary Clinical Pathology. 2nd year Veterinary Students
VPBIO 8434, Advanced Clinical Pathology.  Graduate Students and Residents
VPBIO 8436, Mechanisms of Disease.  Graduate Students, Course Coordinator

Selected Publications:

Hu, T, Ghazaryan, S, Sy, C, Wiedmeyer CE, Chang, V, Wu, L.  Concomitant inactivation of Rb and E2f8 in hematopoietic stem cells synergizes to induce hemolytic anemia.  Blood, 119:4532-4542, 2012.
Johnson, PJ, Wiedmeyer, CE, LaCuarrubba, A, Ganjam, VK, Messer, NT.  Diabetes, Insulin Resistence and Metabolic Syndrome in Horses.  Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 6:3, 534-540, 2012.

Little, RR, Rohlfing, CL, Tennill, AL, Hanson, SE, Connolly, S, Higgins, T, Wiedmeyer, CE, Weykamp CW, Drawse R, Roberts W.  Measurement of HbA1c in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure. Clin Chem Acta, 418; 73-76, 2013
Wiedmeyer, CE, Fangman, TJ, Schwartz, K, Payne, B.  Fine Needle Aspiration and Cytology as an Antemortem Method for Evaluating Injection Site Lesions.  Journal of Swine Health and Production, 22:5, 244-247. 2014.

Wiedmeyer CE, Crossland JP, Dewey MJ, Felder MR, Barlow SC, Vrana PB, Szalai G.  Hematological and Serum Biochemical Values among Four Speices of  Peromyscus Species and Their Hybrids.  Journal of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, 53:4; 336-343, 2014

Roberts, MD, Moberly, CB, Toedebusch, RG, Heese, AJ, Zhu, C, Krieger, AE, Cruthirds, CL, Lockwood, CM, Hofheins, JC, Wiedmeyer, CE, Leidy, HJ, Booth, FW, Rector, RS.  Western Diet-induced Hepatic Steatosis and Alterations in the Liver Transcriptome in Adult Brown-Norwary Rats.  BMC Gastroenterology, 15; 151 2015

Johnson, SA, Painter, MS, Javurek, AB, Ellersieck, MR, Wiedmeyer, CE, Thyfault, JP, Rosenfeld, CS.  Sex-Dependent Effects of Developmental Exposure to Bisphenol A and Ethinyl Estradiol on Metabolic Parameters and Voluntary Physical Activity.  Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 6(6); 539-52, 2015

Grzelak, AK, Davis, DJ, Caraker, SM, Crim, MJ, Spitsbergen, JM, Wiedmeyer, CE. Stress leukogram induced by acute and chronic stress in zebrafish (Danio rerio). .  Journal of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, 67:4; 1-7, 2017

Grunz-Borgmann, EA, Nichols, LA, Wiedmeyer, CE, Spagnoli, S, Trzeciakowski, JP, Parrish, AR.  Structural equation modeling identifies markers of damage and function in the aging male Fischer 344 rat. Mech Aging, Dev.  156; 55-62, 2016.

Johnson, SA, Javurek, AB, Painter, MS, Murphy, CR, Conard, CM, Gant, KL, Howald, EC, Ellersieck, MR, Wiedmeyer, CE, Vieira-Potter, VJ.  Effects of a Maternal High Fat Diet on Offspring Behavioral and Metabolic Parameters in a Rodent Model.  Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 8(1); 75-88, 2017.

Koestel, ZL, Backus, RC, Tsuruta, K, Spollen, WG, Johnson, SA, Javurek, AB, Ellersieck, MR, Wiedmeyer, CE, Kannan, K, Xue, J, Bivens, NJ, Givan, SA, Rosenfeld, CS.  Bisphenol A (BPA) in the serum of pet dogs following short-term consumption of canned dog food and potential health consequences of exposure to BPA.  Sci Total Environ. 579; 1804-1814, 2017

Martin, LM, Bukoski, A, Whelchel, D, Evans, T, Wiedmeyer, CE, Johnson, P.  Pharmokinetics of intravenous lithium chloride and agreement between two methods of lithium measurement in horses.  Equine Veterinary Journal, Epub, 2017

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