Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Hongsheng Men
Research Assistant Professor

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin

Building Address: S115 Discovery Ridge Building
Phone Number: 573-884 9803

Research Emphasis: Generation and maintenance of rat models using emerging technologies; rat embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell biology as well as their applications for the generation and maintenance of rat models.

Selected Publications:

Men H, Spate LD, Murphy CN, Prather RS. 2015. Cryopreservation of in vitro-produced early-stage porcine embryos in a closed system. Biores Open Access 1: 258-65.

Men, H. and Bryda, E.C. 2013. Derivation of a germline competent transgenic Fischer 344 embryonic stem cell line.  PLoS One  8:e56518.

Men, H., Bauer, B.A., Bryda, E.C. 2012. Germline transmission of a novel rat embryonic stem cell line derived from transgenic rats.  Stem Cells and Development 21:2606-2612.

Men H, Walters E, Nagashima H, Prather RS. 2012. Emerging applications of sperm, embryo and somatic cell cryopreservation in maintenance, relocation and rederivation of swine genetics. Theriogenology 78: 1720-1729.

Men H, Zhao C, Si W, Murphy CN, Spate L, Liu Y, Walters EM, Samuel MS, Prather RS, Critser JK. 2011. Birth of piglets from in vitro-produced, zona-intact porcine embryos vitrified in a closed system. Theriogenology 76:280-289.

Si W*, Men H*, Benson JD, Critser JK. 2009. Osmotic characteristics and fertility of murine spermatozoa collected in different solutions. Reproduction 137: 215-223. * Equal authorship.

Agca Y and Men H. 2007. Gender selection in mammalian semen and pre-implantation embryos. Comparative Reproductive Biology. In Schatten H and Constantinescu GH (Eds): Blackwell Publishing Professional. Ames, Iowa, USA. Pp. 147-157.

Si W, Benson JD, Men H, Critser JK. 2006. Osmotic tolerance of rat spermatozoa and the effects of cryoprotectants on rat sperm motility, plasma membrane integrity and acrosome integrity. Cryobiology 53:336-348.

Men H, Agca Y, LK Riley, Critser JK. 2006. Improved in vitro survival of vitrified porcine embryos produced in vitro after partial delipation through chemically stimulated lipolysis and apoptotic inhibition. Theriogenology 66:2008-2016.

Men H, Agca Y, Mullen SF, Critser ES, Critser JK. 2005. Osmotic tolerance of in vitro produced porcine blastocysts assessed by their morphological integrity and cellular actin filament organization. Cryobiology 51:119-129.

Men H, Agca Y, Critser ES, Critser JK. 2005. Beneficial effects of serum supplementation during in vitro production of porcine blastocysts on their ability to survive cryopreservation. Theriogenology 64:1340-1349.

Walters* EM, Men H*. Agca Y. Mullen SF, Critser ES, Critser JK. 2005. Osmotic tolerance of mouse spermatozoa from various genetic backgrounds: acrosmal integrity, membrane integrity and maintenance of motility. Cryobiology 50:193-205. * Equal authorship


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