Department of Veterinary Pathobiology

Wenjun MaWenjun Ma
Associate Professor

  • B.Vsc, Northeast Agricultural University
  • M.Vsc, Graduate school of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • Ph.D, Justus-Liebig-University
  • Postdoc, Iowa State University and National Animal Disease Center, USDA/ARS

Building Address: W-118 Veterinary Medicine Building
Phone Number:

Research Emphasis: Dr. Ma’s research interests are viral diseases of animals, with an emphasis on emerging zoonotic viral infections. His current research focuses on understanding mechanisms of pathogenesis and transmissibility, virus-host interaction and developing vaccines and antivirals for different zoonotic viral pathogens, such as Influenza virus, Rift Valley fever virus and other viral infections. He is also interested in development of rapid detection systems for viral diseases. His long-term goals are to apply molecular biology and virology approaches to generate countermeasures and scientific knowledge that can be used to address current challenge from influenza and other important diseases for industry and public health needs.

Teaching Responsibilities:
MICRO 7303 Fundamental Virology
MICRO 9303 Advanced Virology

Selected Publications:

A full list of publications can be found in the W Ma publications


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